Summer summer summer!

Most work places slow down the pace in summer, with everyone jetting off to their favourite holiday destinations. However, there is no rest for the wicked here at Ninth Events, the show must go on! Summer is extremely busy for us here, as its the most popular time for weddings and many corporate companies hold summer balls! Its all in a days work for the Ninth Events staff and while we can't bring the sun to you (we're working on it), I'm sure everyone will agree that were pretty good at pulling out all the stops needed to nail the summer theme! 

Take a look at some of our favourite summer events here:

Our top 5 Denplan events!

Our TOP 5 Denplan Events, read our review and see the amazing event images from their Superhero Event to Venetian Masquerade, their National Conference and Christmas Winter Wonderland's all in here!

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Top 5 event planning hints

The world of event planning is a busy one. Being one of Manchesters top event planners takes versatility, perseverance and organisation. If you’re thinking of planning your own event, take some tips from the professionals. Here are our top 5 helpful hints for planning events.


Not everything is going to go right first time and it’s a given that some things will test your patience! A lot goes into planning an event but have faith that everything will run like clockwork. If all else fails get someone to do the job for you (hint, hint).


This may seem obvious but its importance must not be underestimated! Forgetting things happens to the best of us, especially when there is a lot going on. Jotting things down is really helpful, not only does it aid in remembering, it also helps you visualise what’s going on. It will only take a few extra minutes and could potentially save you a lot of time, after all there is nothing worse than convincing yourself you will not forget something as its so important and then not being able to remember it when the time comes. Just make sure you don’t forget where you put your jotter!


When there is a lot lying on an event going perfectly, you can be reluctant to accept help from people in the fear that they may interfere with your plans. However, it is important that you don’t try to do everything on your own. With smaller events it may be possible to do everything yourself but it will be much more fun if you recruit a friend or family member to help you out.


Remember the phrase 'time is of the essence'? Well, when you're planning an event, it really is! The worst thing you could possibly do is leave everything till last minute! Giving yourself as much time as possible will reduce stress in the long run for everybody involved.  


Now this is the most important one, contact us! Save yourself the stress and contact us, we organise everything from general to corporate to crowdfunding. Rest assured, we know what were doing.

Specialist Launch Party Planners

You can never under-estimate how important it is to get your corporate launch event right.  You've spent months perfecting your service or product, going through the design, branding and market place process and now you're ready to show the world!

A carefully planned launch can have a huge impact on how well your product or service can go on to do and a badly planned event could have a serious impact on your reputation, so why take that risk?

Event planners understand the importance of knowing your product/service inside and out, or at least we do here at Ninth, because it's the only way we can design an event that's going to hit all the right buttons, to all the right people, at all the right times during your event.

Innovation and imagination.  It's about creating something that leaves people wanting to know more and using an event to showcase it to it's full potential.

Contact us today if you're wanting to launch your product/service to your customers in a unique, creative and show stopping way and our team will create an event to remember.  We have offices in Manchester and London and love a good launch!


Introduction to Ninth Events

Hi and welcome to the Ninth Events blog/news page!  

I'm extremely excited to introduce Ninth to your formally!  After over 10 years in the events industry, it's my great pleasure to bring to you a new, fresh approach to how events are made.

Why Ninth?  Well, quite simply, I'm  the ninth of eleven children...I know, no TV right? I get that all the time!  I am proud of my roots and being part of a hard-working, dedicated and passionate family is what's made me who I am.  Ninth Events is every part of those attributes our parents gave us.  So Ninth just became obvious.

Personality is the key and we have bags of it!  Not only in the way we will manage your event, expectations and aspirations, but also in making sure your event speaks about you and your personality too!

We are specialists in creating corporate events that deliver results to you and your business and we also produce amazing luxury weddings.

It's going to be a brilliant year and we can't wait to hear from you.